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Mon, 20 May 2019
Vrr-Pah! Here’s a quick look at our hot hatch long-termer: VW Golf 7.5 GT...

Volkswagen’s iconic Golf GTI, has set the standard for hot hatches since 1976. The Golf GTI, currently in 7.5-generation guise, remains one of the best-selling hot hatches globally. Wheels24 has acquired a Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0 TSI DSG as our long-term test vehicle. The ‘Tungsten Silver’ metallic hot hatch has fit right in our garage and despite being launched more than two years ago, it’s amazing to see how many heads this car turns.

Under the bonnet lies a 1984cc TSI engine delivering 169kW (4700 to 6200rpm) and 350Nm (1500 to 4600rpm). The engine is mated to the well-known and well-loved 6-speed DSG.

It rockets from 0-100km/h in 6.4 seconds and has a claimed top speed of 248km/h. Volkswagen says it has a combined fuel consumption of 6.4 litres/100km. The Golf GTI has a 50-litre fuel tank and 380 litres of luggage capacity. The price as Standard is R558 000, but of course our model has several options fitted. These include:

• Metallic Paint • Mobile Interface ‘Comfort’ with inductive charging function • Tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof • KESSY keyless entry • Rear Assist – Rear View Camera • Blind spot monitor with Rear Traffic Alert • Park Assist including Park Distance Control (front and rear) • Active Info Display • 19-inch Santiago alloy wheels • Adaptive Cruise Control with Front Assist and Emergency Braking System • Adaptive Chassis Control including driver selection profile The GTI has a 3 year or 120 000km warranty, a 5-year or 90 000km Service Plan and 15 000km service intervals. Source:

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Mon, 20 May 2019
‘Queen of Smoke’ – meet SA motorsport sensation Stacey Lee May...

On this week’s episode of African Voices, CNN International meets South African spinner and drifter Stacey Lee May.

As one of South African’s top female motorsport sensations, May hopes to inspire and empower more people by showing them they can do anything. As a young child, May remembers how other children would pick on her due to her small physique.

Through motorsport, May was able regain her confidence and be successful: “I started high school at the age of twelve or thirteen but I matriculated at the age of sixteen. Being younger than everybody else, people used to pick on me a lot. They used to take my lunch, or throw me in the dustbin, or smack me around… that caused me to be introvert. And I just had no self-confidence, and I just wanted to be on my own, but my dad could see I was hurting and introduced me to spinning.”

Despite being bullied for her small stature, May argues it is the same stature which gives her an advantage. She says: “The thing that sets me apart from the competition is the fact that I’m so tiny and I have a soft voice but I let my spinning and my driving speak up for me.”As one of only a handful of athletes who do both spinning and drifting, May explains to the programme why she decided to do both: “I do both because it’s fun. It’s great to have options… I don’t [want to] be doing the same boring thing over and over again. To be a spinner you have to have courage, you have to have a heart of steel, and you have to have faith and trust in yourself and in God.”

Africa and I actually won all four times. So, my mum just started calling me ‘Queen of Smoke’ and I put it on my car.” The philosophy May applies to the track allows her to stay in control and is even helping her study finance and law, as she explains: “Motorsport in general adds a lot of value to my life, because it teaches me that you control your destiny. You have to control where your life is going; you can’t let other people control it for you.” Her achievements on the track have allowed May to travel internationally and work on exciting projects.” She tells the programme: Spinning has opened massive doors internationally for me because I never ever thought I would travel to New York for free! When I was in New York I worked with huge names in the movie industry and the racing industry. So, it was amazing for me to travel and just see the world.”For May, her sport allows her to inspire other women and encourage them to pursue their dreams. She says: “I love spinning and drifting because it’s different. It helps me show females all across the world that you don’t have to do something that people tell you to do; you can always do what your heart tells you to do.” “So that’s why [...]

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Fri, 10 May 2019
Hefty rise in petrol price for May

Diesel 0.05 percent sulphur will increase by 1c/l, while the price of diesel 0.005 percent sulphur would remain unchanged, the department said in a statement on Sunday.

The wholesale price of illuminating paraffin would increase by 3c/l and the single maximum national retail price (SMNRP) of illuminating paraffin would increase by 4c/l. The maximum retail price for LPGas would increase by 84c/kg.

In a later statement on Sunday, Energy Minister Jeff Radebe said the main reasons for the increased fuel prices were that the rand on average had strengthened slightly against the US dollar from 14.3871 to 14.1401 rand per dollar. The settling of contagion risks from emerging markets provided a foundation for the rand’s strengthening trend. This decreased the contribution on the basic fuel price of petrol, diesel, and illuminating paraffin by about 13.00c/l.

The average Brent Crude oil price increased from $66.03 per barrel to $70.82 per barrel during the period under review. The oil prices rose to the highest level in almost six months as the US government decided to eliminate sanction waivers that allowed buyers to import Iranian crude oil.

Geopolitical issues in the Middle East and Venezuela had provided added upward impetus to oil as output curbs by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) and its allies to keep supplies in check. This led to adjustments the contribution on the basic fuel price of petrol, diesel, and illuminating paraffin by about 53c/l, 1.c/l, and 2.c/l respectively, he said


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Fri, 10 May 2019
New luxury train product to launch in Kruger National Park

Thebe Tourism Group is to construct a five-star luxury accommodation experience – Kruger Shalati ‘Train on a Bridge’ – in Skukuza Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park.

Gavin Ferreira, General Operations Manager of Kruger Shalati, says the Kruger Shalati ‘Train on the Bridge’ is five-star accommodation in a train carriage placed permanently on a bridge in Skukuza. It will allow guests to enjoy luxury accommodation while sitting atop the Sabi River, looking at game from their bath, bedroom and their balconies.

The project will incorporate the iconic and historic original Selati railway bridge at Skukuza Camp where the KNP’s first warden, James Steven-Hamilton, first welcomed guests nearly a century ago.

The train will be restored and upgraded and will have an external walkway attached to the bridge structure, allowing the rooms to be much larger than a traditional compartment-style room.  Rooms will have floor-to-ceiling windows with unrestricted views of the river and surrounding game. The old block-house next to the bridge will be used as a base for a pool deck designed with an overhanging pool metres above the river flowing below.

The ‘Train on the Bridge’ will launch on December 16 with 16 en-suite carriage rooms able to sleep 32 people. Another seven rooms in the adjacent Kruger Shalati Bridge Guest House next to the bridge will accommodate 14 people. Each carriage will have only two luxury rooms, to maximise space. There will also be a lounge carriage with a bar and an adjacent deck. By March 2020, capacity on the train will increase to 24 carriage rooms, sleeping 48 people.

All meals and house beverages are provided as well as two game drives per day.


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Thu, 09 May 2019

It will still be more than 48 hours before South Africans know the final results.

Nationally, the African National Congress (ANC) is enjoying an early lead followed by the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

By 4am on Thursday morning, 887,867 valid votes had been captured.

Party agents sat anxiously with their eyes fixed to their computer screens and monitors showing the early votes.

The ANC has taken an early lead at just over 50% nationally followed by the DA and EFF at 28% and 7%, respectively.

In the Western Cape, the DA was sitting on 60% of the vote so far.

It will still be more than 48 hours before South Africans know the final results.


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Thu, 25 Apr 2019
President Ramaphosa in Egypt for AU summit

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

President Cyril Ramaphosa is in Egypt for an emergency African Union (AU) Troika Summit convened to discuss the political and security situations in Sudan and Libya.

President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi, as the Chairman of the AU, called the emergency summit to be attended by regional partners in Sudan, with the participation of counterparts from South Africa, Chad, Djibouti, Rwanda, Congo and Somalia.

The summit will also be attended by the AU Commission Chairperson Moussa Mahamat Faki, who is expected to report on the AU initiatives undertaken to resolve these crises. Faki recently concluded a visit to Sudan.

On 11 April, Sudan’s Defence Minister General Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf, appeared on State television and announced the military’s detention of al-Bashir, the suspension of the constitution and the start of a two-year transitional period to be overseen by the military and followed by elections.

A three-month state of emergency was also declared in the country. The situation in Libya is also deteriorating.

The eastern-based army, led by Khalifa Haftar, has launched a military campaign to take over western Libya, particularly Tripoli, where the United Nations-backed government is based.

With South Africa serving as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the period 2019-2020, these political and security challenges in Libya and Sudan are already before the UN Security Council.

President Ramaphosa has indicated that South Africa will use its seat to prioritise regional and continental peace, stability, security and integration and development, and will attend the Emergency Summit to contribute towards the African Union’s stated goal of silencing the guns by 2020. –


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